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“There are two senses in which things are said to be maximally knowable: either (1) because they are first of all things known and without them nothing else can be known; or (2) because they are what are known most certainly. In either way, however, this science is about the most knowable” 


Duns Scotus, wearer of conical hats and understandably denounced as the very first dunce. 


It is well known that when people learn they omit intellectual excretions that ‘cleverer’ men choose to funnel back into their head with a conical cap.


We are two artists, Alima askew AND LEWIS SHERLOCK,robbing the hidden knowledge of the place;

Like the infamous grave robbers, Burke and Hare, except we seek to exercise the ectoplasmic residue from latent, residual intellectual excretions. To sum up:


A Seance of Sorts

led by the Dunce Witch: a dualistic embodiment of all knowing, magikal empowerment and simultaneously the monument of vacancy, ridicule and blunder.

The Dunce Witch Seance is a playful, site specific exorcism of knowledge and place that utilises micro-cinema live feed cameras, physical theatre, sound and costume to create a surreal and inviting ritual that unifies everyone in a suspended state of Duns Scotus’s ‘knowing and not knowing.’ The piece was well received when first presented at the sellout BLOODBATH ZINE LAUNCH on the 31st October 2019.

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