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'Confirm Your Humanity’ is a solo visual theatre show which interrogates our immediate and ever increasing dependency on technology. Google maps, the ‘fit-bit’, Spotify, Netflix and Uber present a need for connectivity as we ultimately end up becoming more cyborgian; so much so that we have to confirm our own humanity to machines on a regular basis.

The show blends inventive ways of telling narratives non-verbally that utilizes physical theatre, object manipulation, black and white film placards and plays on the current nostalgia inherent in our media. The short sharp phrases present in our twitter feeds are reduced arguments to fit the 280 word scale; like echoes of the intertitles seen in silent films that feed our need for solid and digestible narrative. The images of the past have become a new currency for us now. 

The Performance is a play between my connected and my real self: my fast online connected self and my slower human body. Confirm You Humanity questions what Charlie Chaplin would do, if he now knew we were ‘machine men with machine hearts.’

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